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We are now in 1990 – and this is the year where the story of my parents began.

After making the decision to not going back to Laos they applied for asylum  in different countries in Europe and finally got a residency permit in Germany.
More specifically they landed in the placid little town Lenningen, where they shared a house for asylum seekers among people from Africa, Eastern Europe and other Asian countries.

When asking my parents how they felt during that time, they described that it was a reliefing, exciting and learning period where a lively exchange of different cultures took place and new plans for the future were made.

For Spring/Summer 20 we took inspiration from a postcard written by my parents to their family in Laos in which they describe the little sparks of joy when having conversations with their housemates, the overwhelming kindness they witnessed in their small community and their optimism for creating a new life in Lenningen.

Our range features a lively print, joyful and classic colours as well as airy and comfortable silhouettes to be the perfect companion for your summer attire.

We are honored to having the opportunity to work with Swiss eyewear brand VIU and the chance to shoot this seasons collection in the venerable and steeped in history buildings of the Stiftung HfG Ulm.