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My parents love to reminisce about the year 1991. It was the year when they became ‚Bida’ (lao. = father) and ‚Manda’ (lao. = mother) and welcomed my brother in Kirchheim-unter-Teck on a snowy December morning.
Juggling their everyday life between my fathers carpenter training and moving into their first apartment, my brothers birth came in like the Big Bang. With him, pure love and joy entered their lives but also more responsibilties came along.

Our AW-20/21 collection touches on becoming a parent.
We featured strong yet graceful silhouettes to emphasize the strength a mother contributes for their children and workwear inspired items which refer to the handy dads out there. Super soft wool fabrics and sturdy cotton combined with hard silver wear cover the sweet spot between challenging but rewarding and heartwarming parenthood.